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WATCH: Two years later, local kayak company going strong

WATCH: Two years later, local kayak company going strong


Story by Nick Lulli. July 14, 2014. It started out as a school project.

“I still call it fun money, I’m still enjoying it,” said Cole Watkins.

But it quickly turned into a popular activity for folks going down to the Savannah River – or Augusta Canal – to partake in.

“Last month we actually had a new record of how many people we put out on the water,” said Watkins. “We put 68 out in the month of June. So it’s been staying busy.”

In 2012, past Augusta State student Watkins was just getting the ball rolling. But, he said, his kayak company quickly blossomed something he never thought it could become.

“I didn’t, but I’m really grateful for how busy we’ve stayed,” said Watkins. “It’s the perfect part time job. It keeps me out of trouble on the weekends.”

Watkins says his successful business is an indicator of the growing trend of folks going out on our local waterways.

“I think it’s fair to say it’s Augusta’s new favorite hobby,” said Watkins.

And as for that recent report about how clean – or unclean – the Savannah River is?

“I hope that doesn’t discourage anyone from coming down here and playing in it because it’s a great resource for this town,” said Watkins.

A great resource that Watkins hopes continues to keep him busy.

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